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Three Pillars of Change - A Personal Approach

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to present my personal approach to change, to attendees at a few events. I had my own major change about 18 months ago, when finding out about my daughters rare gene deficiency (Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome). Only 40 sufferers have been identified in the UK and approximately 400 in the world, which means finding information has been limited. Imagine, over night, finding out that the future of your child is probably going to be very different to what you thought. I don't mind admitting that I didn't handle the new information very well at first!

As someone who is very analytical, I found I needed something to help me comprehend change (for myself, family and most importantly my daughter!). After a couple of weeks downtime and much reflection, I came up with the following approach. It's not complicated but works for me.

For me, an approach (and any associated models) needs to be simple enough to understand/remember but meaningful enough to achieve its target. Just Enough!

We all have levers for change. I wanted to 'chunk' this up into columns. Supporting columns would allow me to understand what made me 'tick' so I could focus on those and understand when cracks began to appear (and do something about it!).

We all have different columns, but I decided that mine were split into three...

Physical (Health) - After many years of constant travelling and staying in various hotels all throughout Europe - my physical strength had always been neglected. I wanted to start to take better care of myself allowing me to take better care of those around me!

Wellbeing - After a difficult time, I needed to be healthy in mind. Finding out about my daughter really knocked me for six, so I already knew the warning signs and the impacts. I wanted to be able to spot the signs quicker and do something about it!

Career/Business - Having been fortunate to work closely with CEOs and execs with large companies and sat on the executive board of an AIM listed company myself - I wanted to be clear about my goals and targets - where do I want to be and how can I progress to that target.

All the columns were fundamental for me (and therefore those around me) to be happy!

I also realised that I couldn't do this alone. I wanted to find people to help share control of the columns. I wanted people who I trusted and could help me achieve the goals. I found a great Personal Trainer and wellbeing coach. Both have been fundamental to losing significant weight and becoming much healthier both physically and mentally, even running 5/10K in times I only dreamt of - hell, in fact running them at all!

I have two very simple dials that I visualise, to help control this - a safety and risk dial. Being aware of these when I make decisions has helped me be more confident in day to day actions. Of course, I still have bad days - but I feel I have the tools to deal with them...

And the big difference has been building my day around the things that are important.

  • Launching a new business called Just Enough Change. Focussing on helping children and young adults with WSS by working with fantastic organisations to help them through difficult transformations and change. Our approach is based on people centric and simplicity which in turn values delivery over (but not at the expense of) Governance.

  • Wellbeing/Fitness time. Recently I was fortunate to walk up Snowdon - on a Wednesday! A mental well being day allowing me to spend quality time relaxing but also quality thinking time. Spending the day with my wife, who has been instrumental to this change

My quality of life has increased so much more recently - my drivers have changed... my objectives cleared focussed around helping those WSS warriors.

If you would be interested in the services Just Enough offer or even finding out about how we can all control our own changes don't hesitate to get in touch.

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