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Ready.... Steady.... Transformation

How can you quickly define transformation? I have been asked previously what this is and therefore what my role entails... I have historically answered this as a Change Manager, Transformation Lead or even Programme Director. However, the key lies in what we do, rather than what we call ourselves.

It was whilst out on a run recently, as part of my new fitness regime, that I gained some clarity. I wanted to apply the logic to my running... Therefore I split 'Transformation' into four clear sections...

Vision - Clarity on what you are trying to achieve. There can be many different versions within a business of the same vision, as we will all be affected by the change differently. Being able to visualise, allows us to see the end goal. This is what we call the 'WHY'. It's funny, but those that know me, know I hate running, but my running vision was to be able to embed the activity into my daily routine. Of course I want to improve (faster or longer runs) but I just want to be running.

Tasks - To be able to achieve the vision we need to do something. Running is no different. As someone who loves integrating technology, I bought into the MyZone system to start recording my heart rate during running. Being able to see my max heart rate increase during the run was key. Below you will see an extract of my latest run. Notice the red and yellow, showing where I was using 80-90% and 90-100% of my max rate. Seeing progress during tasks is key to ongoing development. When out running I break each session down to a much smaller manageable chunk! Looking at distance (about 20 foot) I find a marker (twig, sign etc) and run to that. This shows clear progress and focuses my mind on this task.

Goals - This is vital to measuring progression. I often use the SMART goals but with running I tend to push myself and review constantly. I had two clear targets when I started, 5K under 28 mins and 10K (well in any time possible!). After achieving these I simply adjusted them. Goals shows you are achieving what you have set out to do. Once a goal has been reached, it is time to reflect and analyse. With running I will at some point peak (which is probably very close!) and this will require me to rethink existing goals. Originally I had weight as a key measure but soon realised that Body Fat was a much more accurate KPI for me.

Adoption - The final stage is adoption. Remember the vision, well this is the part where you have achieved it. Putting the trainers on without over thinking the session, just that it's part of my life, indicates this has been reached. Often people mix Commitment and Adoption, however they are very different. I may be committed to spending money for gym membership but unless I use it as part of my daily routine then its not adoption (just a waste of money)

The same logic can apply to a transformation in a business. In simple terms...

Projects help us deliver goals through tasks.Change Management helps with delivering vision and adoption.

So next time you have a difficult task to complete within a project, just remember, it could be worse! You could be trying to break the 24min 5K!

Just Enough Change is an organisation that loves to help organisations measure change appetite and deliver solutions to help land change more successfully. Through the leading Change Tracker, we can help you achieve your ideal end state as quickly as possible by bringing your people along with you. If you would like to know more about how we can help, have a look at the website or contact us at

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