The Change Tracker

Change is hard enough, managing it shouldn't be!

Here at Just Enough we have created a solution that can help you understand the impact change has but help you manage it.

A tool focussed on people and simplicity, this will help you in the following areas:

Change is rarely one single change, more often than not this is made up of a portfolio of change. The Change Tracker allows you to see this portfolio at a glance. Often change fatigue is quoted as a reason for failure, but with the tracker you are able to monitor key roles to see fatigue before it occurs!

Change is a journey but not a linear one. The Change Tracker will take you through the journey of Vision Alignment, Stakeholder Management, Impact Analysis, Change Agent Leadership, Training/Comms and Readiness, Apathy Tracking and a unique way to measure benefits realisation.

Helping you every step of the way to not only manage change but help you improve your change capabilities to tackle any issues that arise from change and transformation.

With easy to understand layouts and integration between key modules and external systems, this solution will help you track all change progression under a single solution. Allowing you to focus on what change managers are great at...

... leading change.

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