The Change Tracker

Change is hard enough, managing it shouldn't be!

Most organisations struggle with measuring their change progress. Collating many Excel and Powerpoint presentations across the whole portfolio, can sometimes make it challenging to view progress.

We recognised this and have created a solution that can not only help you understand the impact change has and manage it but also help you develop your internal Change capabilities. A tool focussed on people and simplicity, this will help you in the following areas:

Change is rarely one single change, more often than not this is made up of a portfolio of change. theChangeTracker allows you to see this portfolio at a glance.






Often change saturation is quoted as a reason for failure, but with the tracker you are able to monitor key roles to see fatigue before it occurs!

Change is a journey but not a linear one. theChangeTracker will take you through the key Change elements

Helping you to not only manage change, but help you improve your change capabilities to tackle any issues that arise from change and transformation.

With easy to understand layouts and integration between key modules and external systems, this solution will help you track all change progression under a single solution. Allowing you to focus on what change managers are great at...

... leading change.

Do you really know how your organisation is feeling about Change? Do you have any Change Terrorists who are slowing or even stopping progress?

theChangeTracker has a unique way of identifying pockets of resistance in the business allowing you to focus efforts efficiently.

Reporting is key to demonstrating progress and theChangeTracker is no different.

You are able to generate key reports to show progress of your Change initiatives that show the current journey.

If you are interested in finding out more how we can help your organisation manage change and develop your internal capabilities, please do not hesitate to get in touch below.

We are currently developing our Change Pioneer programme, which is bringing key organisations together to help 'solutionise' common Change issues but also to help us build a more relevant product roadmap. 



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