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Coaching Kids Football 'v' Driving Change

This week, I took charge of my first U7's coaching session. My son has recently joined a local football organisation and I was asked if I would takeover running the new team. Wanting to get more involved with his development, I saw this as a chance to branch out my own skills and take on a new challenge. Possibly my biggest challenge yet!

Although early days, watching the young team run around in their yellow strips reminded me of a distant visit to Sweden, with a senior management team. When viewing a manufacturing plant we were required to wear similar colour hi-vis jackets.

It brought back some similarities beyond the yellow tops as well!

The trip to Sweden was organised to understand how different parts of the organisation worked so that we could help with the group transformation. Understanding not only the operations in production but also how the good people of Sweden worked, was fundamental to the successful implementation of change.

This week I met some great young people and got time to understood what they wanted to achieve. For some it was just some fun, others it was about playing with friends but for a couple it was about becoming the new superstar. Each with their own drive and ambition its important for me to make sure they get the most out of the sessions.

Sweden was no different. Understanding the plant operatives frustrations would help them drive change, rather than the change simply being dictated to them, after all they knew their own area best. Obviously, involving people in change is the best way to get engagement but keeping them involved along the journey is the key to embedding change and ultimately the successful goal.

So goals, feature heavily in both cases. Having realistic goals and timescales, along with understanding the needs of those involved is key.

I am fairly sure Mourinho, Conte, Klopp and Guardiola needn't worry, at least not yet :)

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