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PMO (Portfolio Management) in Just 15 Days

Streamlined PMO to help manage your projects and change.


Traditionally, PMO departments have consisted of full time project managers and governance control. We are starting to see a shift, with businesses using existing employees and their knowledge, to drive projects in key areas. To drive the effective of this we have designed our '15 Day PMO' service to manage all projects in the business. 

We are able to do this as Just Enough has two core focus points, people centric and simplification​. We pride ourselves on using tools and apps that are simple to understand but deliver real results. Working in partnership with a cloud based project management tool, we are able to deliver the following solution

  • Review of existing project managers knowledge/skills - understanding the current landscape

  • Setup of project, programme and portfolio environments - cloud based

  • Clear and concise dashboards showing progress in each area

  • Interactive training (Project and Solution)

  • Introduction to change management skills.

Business Benefits for you

Working with Just Enough will bring the following benefits

  • Access to a network of Change Managers, not just one

  • Access to the App and tools

  • Access to leading industry network events

  • External resources are focused on transferring knowledge not taking it with them

  • More knowledgeable internal Change Team to handle future changes (reduced time/costs to deploy)

What we need from you?

To be able to coach and develop we will need the following from you as an organisation

  • Commitment to employee development

  • Potentially automating administrative tasks

  • Openness and willingness to change to improve further

  • Opportunity to create a Change Network

What now?

Here at Just Enough we love helping organisations get the most out of their changes. To see how we are able to help you, click on the link below to go to our main site. If this may be of interest please get in touch. 

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