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Driving change adoption through employee happiness

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We have helped our clients become change ready in the following areas


Software adoption - driving the most valued for your installed software solutions

Renewed Mission/Strategy - refocussing efforts to deliver company objectives

Cultural Development - changing company behaviours based on core values 

Process Change - carrying out different actions to achieve the process goal

Hardware Upgrades - communication and learning plans for technology rollout

Organisation re-design - reorganisation of departments based on operation model

New Product Features - helping organisations educate their teams for new releases

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We have created the Change Tracker to help you understand the progress of Change and improve capabilities to help land and make change stick.



At Just Enough we like to keep things simple, we have two core objectives...

1. We want you, our partners, to fully achieve the benefits of the transformation and change you are going through.


We are only successful if you are successful in the change. We believe that for change to be fully embedded it must be driven from within, but we can help you, by improving leadership skills, utilising simplistic tools (focussing on results not complicated matrices) and putting your employees front and centre. By understanding how your employees feel, we will be able to target help and assistance more effectively.


2. We want to create an environment that embraces the good in our own employees and helps them develop.


We recognise that everyone has their own strengths and often people are overlooked because of poor qualification for example. At Just Enough we specifically recognise the gene deficiency, Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome, and have made it our mission to bring together children and young adults who suffer from the condition. Recognising their individual skill sets and offering them a chance to develop in a work environment that has been developed to support them.

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Change Planning

As we all know, we all handle change at different speeds. Most people have varying levels of change adversity, so building a plan will always be a challenge, especially if trying to build a single version.



Utilising experience gained from both technical and organisation change, we can help you map out how to approach change adoption with realistic timeframes.

Vision Clarity

Clarity is a great thing - being able to see where you want to be, allows your staff to move towards a shared goal. However, the vision you are setting could mean different things to different people. 


Using tools that highlight how a role may change, alongside involving different parts of the organisation for setting the vision, is key for adoption

later down the line.

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Change Resources

We believe change is best driven from within, but recognise organisations often don't have the capacity with their teams. Many organisations do not have dedicated change staff.



Through our extensive associate network and with regular meetings with the Just Enough team, we believe we can offer a service, rather than just filling a change role.


At the key to every successful change is employees. We have two key measures for employees, Happy and Engagement. If both of these are present in the workforce, driving change has a chance!


With our own App we can measure employees happiness throughout the change lifecycle, taking action quickly and effectively, with a solution that can target key areas.

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Just Enough App
Just Enough App


Our People:

At Just Enough we have worked hard to build up a network of strong change associates. We will match individuals to your own values to make sure they are a suitable fit. Unlike a traditional placement fill, we continually work with both the individual and your own organisation to make sure the partnerships offers as much support as possible. This regular contact with you and our agents means we can make sure we are offering the best value. Our agents are supported by a network of people who are able to share ideas to common issues, giving you the power of many for the price of one.

As part of our company objectives, we also give the chance to Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome sufferers, through remote working or work placements.  We host an annual event to bring all the UK WSS children and young adults together, so we can look to continue to develop skills with the community.

Just Enough was founded by Paul Clavering, who brings his experience from major business and technical transformations through Europe and beyond in industries such as manufacturing, Central Government, Professional Services and Technology.




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