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Contract Change Manager 'v' Just Enough

Traditional Change Management


The traditional method of engaging with external Change Managers has historically been through a contract route. Whilst this has worked well, here at Just Enough we know there is another, better way. We strongly believe that building up the competence in your existing team, through coaching and access to simple tools and apps, will deliver better results, not just this time but also for future change initiatives. We can work with you to achieve this no matter what size your organisation!

Business Benefits for you

Working with Just Enough will bring the following benefits

  • Access to a network of Change Managers, not just one

  • Regular visits from Just Enough, to make sure deliverables are being met

  • Access to the App and tools

  • Access to leading industry network events

  • Ability to ramp up or down resources as needed

  • External resources are focused on transferring knowledge not taking it with them

  • More knowledgeable internal Change Team to handle future changes (reduced time/costs to deploy)

What we need from you?

To be able to coach and develop we will need the following from you as an organisation

  • Commitment to employee development

  • Potentially automating administrative tasks

  • Openness and willingness to change to improve further

  • Opportunity to create a Change Network

What now?

Here at Just Enough we love helping organisations get the most out of their changes. To see how we are able to help you, click on the link below to go to our main site. If your interested then please get in touch for a quick chat.

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